Why Your Garage Should Have An Extra Bay

26 July 2021
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When it comes to assessing the size of a garage that a garage builder is constructing for you, it can be easy to consider the number of vehicles that you own. For example, if you have two cars, you might make the argument that a garage with two bays is a logical choice. While this mindset makes sense in lots of ways, it's not the only option for you to consider. Another idea is to have your garage built to include an extra bay — in the two-car scenario, this means that your garage would have three bays. Here are some reasons that an extra bay in your new garage can be a good idea.

Space For A Future Vehicle

It's useful to think about whether your family might purchase another vehicle at some point in the future. There are several scenarios in which you may add a vehicle. For example, if your child will become a teenager in a few years, they might need a vehicle to get them to and from their part-time job. This could compel you to buy them a secondhand vehicle. Or, if you're nearing retirement age, you might buy a convertible that you use for road trips. If there's a possibility of buying an additional vehicle, you'll appreciate having an extra bay in your garage in which to keep the vehicle.

Space For A Hobby

A lot of people pursue hobbies that require a significant amount of space. There isn't always room in the home for these hobbies, which can be discouraging. If you build your garage to have an additional bay, you have the option of using this space for a hobby. For example, if you enjoy playing music with a few friends, you can devote the extra bay to a music area. Or, if you make your own beer or wine, you might think of setting up the equipment for this hobby in this part of the garage.

Space For Storage

A garage can be an ideal place for storing your items, but when you have a vehicle in each bay, your storage space can be limited. Choosing an extra bay for your garage gives you a sizable amount of square footage for storage. If you're a home stager, you might use this bay to store several pieces of furniture and decorative items that you use in clients' homes, for example. Talk to a garage builder, such as Affordable  Garages, about adding an extra bay to your garage.