The Advantages Of Residential Overhead Garage Doors Explain Their Prevalence

17 May 2021
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Most residences with garages have an overhead door for that structure. Unlike carriage models that swing outward, the most common design for this door is one that rolls up panel by panel. Although carriage doors add a sense of traditional elegance to a home, the distinct advantages of an overhead garage door explain why this choice is so prevalent. No Extra Space Required The main problem with doors that swing out is the requirement for enough space in the driveway. Read More 

3 Instances When You Should Fix Your Garage Door

15 April 2021
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One thing you must do when installing a garage door is ensure that it's of high quality and capable of securing your property. After all, the garage area is the easiest entry point for intruders to access a property, and the last thing you want is to be caught by surprise. But as you continue to use the door several times a day, the components will undergo constant wear and tear. Read More 

Is Your Garage Door Movement Rough?

24 March 2021
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A garage door with rough operation may shake and shudder a bit when it is in operation, but otherwise, it should seem to work fine. The problem still needs to be addressed before it develops into something more damaging. Common Causes Rough movement of the garage door can be the result of track issues. Tracks can be out of alignment, for example, which prevents the door wheels from smoothly traveling up and down. Read More 

Are You Suspecting That Your Garage Door Might Be Faulty? Here Are Signs It’s Time To Get It Inspected And Repaired By An Expert

26 February 2021
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The door to your garage is an essential part of your home. It boosts your property's curb appeal and keeps your cars and other possessions safe. It is made of durable components that help it withstand harsh weather. Moreover, breaking a garage door is a challenging task, making it a perfect deterrent for thieves. However, no matter how strong your garage door is today, some of its components may wear out with time. Read More 

Rust Around Your Garage Door Should Be Addressed

5 February 2021
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Rust is never a good sign, especially when it comes to a garage door. Whenever a homeowner spots rust on their door, track, or another component, it is not something they want to ignore. Rust can mean longstanding problems, and it could mean that even more are ahead. Make sure you know what rust means and how to handle it. Rust Can Be Hidden Although rust is usually not something that is easy to miss, keep in mind that there is a possibility that you could have an issue with rust and not be aware of it. Read More