4 Times To Consider Installing A New Garage Door

31 May 2023
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You don't have to wait for your garage door to break down before you install a new one. Sometimes, it makes sense to put in a new door early. When is this a good thing to do?

1. Your Door Isn't Completely Secure

While you can fix some damage to garage doors, there are times when a door becomes so damaged that you should consider replacing it. Your door might still work OK; however, it might have material problems that could cause some real problems in the near future.

For example, a wood garage door that has started to rot or a metal door that has extensive rust is a security concern. Or, if you've accidentally backed your car into the door, then it might have dents that affect its fit when it is closed.

Rot and rust can weaken a door and make it an easy target for intruders. Dents that affect a door's closing fit prevent the door from creating a secure barrier. In these cases, a new door will protect your home more effectively.

2. Your Door Needs Regular Repairs

Older garage doors need more repairs. Parts will ultimately fail and need replacement.

While this is a normal process, you should consider cutting your losses and installing a new door if your door needs repairs and maintenance work too often. If the work you do doesn't seem to last for a reasonable time or doesn't extend the life of your door, then it makes more financial sense to replace it with a new one.

3. You Don't Like the Way Your Door Works

Some people replace garage doors because they don't like the way they work. For example, if you inherited a side-hinged door when you bought your home, then you might want to upgrade it to one that opens on a track in the doorway. Or, you might not be happy having to open an older door with a key.

Here, you could switch to a more modern and automated model. A remote-controlled roller or sectional door might be a better fit for your needs.

4. Your Door Doesn't Match Your Home

If you've recently done some work on the exterior of your home, then your garage door might not be a good cosmetic or style fit now. For example, if you've put in modern windows and sidings, then an old wood door might stand out for all the wrong reasons. Here, a new door will bring all of the outside of your home together.

To organize a door replacement, contact a local garage door company like Garage Tech to discuss your options.