4 Times To Call A Garage Door Repair Service

17 March 2020
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Automatic garage doors are a necessity for many homeowners. They offer protection and shade for your vehicles, and they can be raised and lowered with the touch of a button. Maintenance services can keep your garage door working smoothly, but occasionally you may run into a mechanical malfunction. Here are four reasons you may need to call a residential garage door repair service:

1. Malfunctioning Remote Control

In some cases, the problem lies with your remote control and not the garage door itself. Troubleshoot your garage door remote before calling an expert. Change the batteries, even if you think there's no way the batteries could be drained. Malfunctioning remote controls sometimes consume a lot of battery power. Occasionally, remote controls may become deprogrammed as a result of a malfunction. A garage door repairman can reprogram your remote control so it corresponds to your garage door once more.

2. Surface Damage To The Garage Door

Every garage door problem isn't mechanical in nature. Sometimes the garage door itself sustains damage. If a car collides with your garage door, you can be left with an unseemly dent. A garage door repair service can fix dents using the right tools. Dents in metal garage doors can be reversed using a combination of heat and suction. Dents in wooden garage doors can be fixed with wood glue or spackle. If the damage is extensive, your garage door repairman may need to replace one or more of the broken panels.

3. Worn Out Motor

The motor of your garage door can become worn out over time. A broken motor can cause your garage door to open and close slowly. Motors nearing the end of their lifespan sometimes make a lot of noise during operation. A repairman may be able to save your motor by changing parts that have become worn. If this is cost-prohibitive, they may recommend simply replacing the entire motor instead.

4. Insufficient Spring Tension

Automatic garage doors rely on two heavy-duty springs to provide tension. This tension hoists some of the weight of the garage door, which allows the motor to open and close the door with ease. When insufficient spring tension is present, you will hear the sound of your garage door motor struggling. Insufficient spring tension can occur when your springs aren't tight enough. It can also occur when one of your springs suddenly snaps. A residential garage door repair service can replace your springs or adjust them as necessary. Contact D'ALBA GARAGE DOORS for more.