Commercial Garage Door Installation Trends To Improve Your Business

17 March 2020
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If you are a business owner, there are a lot of things that can be done by simply replacing your old garage door. This is an opportunity to make the garage door more practical and add automation that is more than just a garage door opener. The following garage door installation trends are some of the solutions you will want to consider for your business.

Folding Garage Doors That Give Your Business a Durable and Attractive Alternative to Tracks 

You may not be too happy with the appearance of conventional rolling garage doors that are installed on tracks. These can be premium garage doors that are made of materials like hardwood lumber. Often these doors fold instead of rolling on tracks, which can be an attractive alternative to conventional doors that are normally installed for businesses. If you are redesigning a storefront, premium garage doors will improve the appearance and functionality of the doors installed for your business.

Adding Trim and Architectural Details to Garage Doors to Improve Their Appearance

You can also improve the appearance of storefront garage doors in ways that you will want to consider. Consider features like friezes and trim details around the door. You may also want to add other architectural details like brackets or an awning roof covering that protects the door from rain and weather.

Openers That Give You More Options for and Control Over How Your Garage Door Opens

When choosing the right opener for your new garage door installation, you want to choose one the gives you more options. Commercial garage door openers can allow you to have doors open when trucks back up to loading docks. There are also openers with options for controlling them with a remote device, which will allow you to open the door remotely if you ever need to.

Synchronized Automation of Lighting and Other Commercial Mechanical Systems 

Another improvement that is a common garage door installation trend is the addition of lighting. This automation can be something as simple as the lights turning on when the opener is operated. It can also automatically adjust mechanical systems like refrigeration, boilers, and other commercial mechanical systems when the door opener is operated.

These are some of the garage door installation trends that you will want to consider for your business. If you are ready to improve your business with a new garage door, contact a commercial garage door service and ask them about some of these solutions.