Wood Vs. Vinyl: Which Garage Doors Are Better

18 March 2020
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Garage doors are more important than you might think. That is, most homeowners don't immediately think of their garage doors as a huge part of their home style. This is why so many tract homes are built with relatively plain (and usually white) vinyl or aluminum garage doors. But, smart homeowners will invest in new garage doors that are far more decorative. Most people who upgrade their garage doors will choose wood or composite product with a wood finish. The look of wood is very popular because it can match with other wooden design features on the outside of the home — like the doors, windows, and trim.

If you want the look of wooden garage doors, you don't necessarily need to choose a wood product. There are a lot of vinyl products that have fake wooden finishes. If you can find a vinyl finish that matches with your home, you will probably be tempted to by it, and for good reason! Vinyl is affordable to install, requires pretty much zero maintenance, and it lasts longer than real wood. But there are some perks of having real wood panels.

The Perks of Real Wood

Even though vinyl is more practical to own, some people will still choose wood because of the natural look. That is, nothing looks better than the real thing. Also, some people might choose real wood because there are no vinyl options that match their home style. If you cannot find the right texture, color or finish you will have more flexibility with real wood that can be customized and stained however you want.

In fact, this leads us to one of the other great perks of owning wooden panels in the long term. Vinyl panels are harder to repaint or stain. You are more or less stuck with the color that you originally installed if you choose vinyl. You can easily restain your wooden panels years later to be in line with the changes you are making to other wooden exterior features on your home. So, over the years, it is possible to keep your garage door up to date with the current styles, whereas vinyl panels might look outdated after a few years and there isn't much you can do about it.

In the end, either wood or vinyl can be smart and practical choices for your home. Just make sure you go with the product that is going to look the best with your home style.

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