4 Ways To Keep Your Retractable Patio Screen Around For The Long-Term

27 March 2020
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Motorized patio screens add another level of functionality to your outdoor living area. Once you have these screens in place, you will no doubt want to keep them around for as long as possible. Here are a few tips to help you keep your retractable patio screens around for the long haul. 

Always retract your screens when they are not in use

If there is one thing you should always do to protect your retractable patio screen so you can enjoy using it for the long-term, it is making sure you always retract the screens when they are not in use. If a windstorm moves through and you are not around to retract the screens, they could easily get damaged. Simply make a habit of always retracting the screens when they are not in use. 

Keep the moving parts of the screen system properly lubricated

There are certain points on the retractable screen that will need lubrication periodically. When the screen is initially installed, the professional who installs the unit will show you the points of lubrication. If you install the screen on your own, consult the manufacturer's instructions to find the points of lubrication. Doing this alone can save your screen from damage over the long-term. 

Make sure to keep items out of the way below the screen

As the screen goes down from its receptacle at the top, anything in the way can cause the screen to jam, and this is really hard on the motor. Make sure you always do a quick visual check on the ground beneath your screen before you activate it to go down with the remote. Some systems will automatically shut down when something is in the way, but some models won't; they will continue to try to push the screen out. This can obviously cause wear on the motor. 

Have issues tended to by a professional right away

If you notice any small problem with your retractable patio screen that you cannot fix on your own, make sure you call a professional to have the issue mended as quickly as possible. So many times, people notice a small issue and ignore it, and this later leads to a big problem. Something as simple as a faint grinding noise when the screen goes down could indicate that something is trapped in the motor, for example, and this could easily cause the entire motor to fail.