What To Do When Your Garage Door Won't Open

20 May 2020
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If you have a garage that you park your car in every night and you start to have problems with the door working correctly, it is essential that you have a garage door repair service come and inspect the door for you. The garage door repair service will know what to check and how to correct the problem for you.

Sticking Doors

A garage door that is working but hanging up or sticking as it opens and closes is a sign that there could be a problem with the door binding in the tracks. Several things can cause the binding, including a bent track, a broken roller wheel, or some loose brackets on the door.

If the door was hit or closed on something like your car or an object under the door, a panel with a slight warp could cause the binding as well. Once the technician from the door repair service inspects the door thoroughly, they will be able to tell you where the problem is.

If the garage door needs come replacement parts, the garage door repair service will often have them, and the technician working on the door can quickly replace the parts in question to get the door working correctly.

Door Not Opening 

If the door is not opening at all, the door opener may not be working. The technician from the garage door repair service will check the opener to make sure it is getting power to it and then check the remotes and the receiver on the opener to make sure they are working.

Most electric garage door openers have a sensor on the door to stop the door from moving if there is something in the path of the door. If the sensor is out of alignment, the power to the opener will be shut off by the sensor and the garage door will not open or close until the alignment is corrected.

Using the emergency release on the garage door to disconnect if from the opener will often allow the door tech to open the garage door manually, and will also let the technician know if the door is moving freely or not.

If the electric garage door opener stops working, replacing it typically the best course of action. Garage door openers are reasonably priced, and you could spend a lot more money trying to fix the door opener than you would to replace the entire unit.

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