Garage Door Weatherstripping Repair Step-By-Step

18 June 2020
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Without a doubt, the weatherstripping on your garage door may be one of the most important parts of the door itself. It may not have anything to do with opening or closing the door, and if it's broken, it won't necessarily impact the operation. But once that door is closed, the weatherstripping protects the contents of the garage from weather that can seep in, and helps to regulate the temperature inside the garage, which, in turn, keeps energy costs down in the home. It's important that you check on it regularly to ensure that it's still there and in good shape. If not, replace it.

While most garage door repairs are best left to a professional, this is one project that should pose no problem for the average homeowner.

Step One: Measure the Garage Door

First, you'll need to figure out how wide your garage door is. Once you have the correct width, pick up some V-shaped weather stripping and a bottle of exterior caulk—plus wood filler if you have a wooden door. This should all be less than $60 total, so the cost is relatively minimal for this project. If you live in an exceptionally cold climate, upgrade your seal to one that's cold-weather resistant. These are usually made out of silicone and won't break as easy.

Step Two: Remove the Old Weather Stripping

Once you're home from the store, raise the garage door to a height that is easily manageable. Use vice grips to hold it in place if you don't have an electronic opener. Remove the old weather stripping; if it's stuck, use water mixed with some dishwasher soap to lubricate it and it should slide right out. 

Step Three: Insert the New Weather Stripping

Cut one side of the weather stripping to match the width of your garage door, and pour some of the soap and water mixture on top to lubricate the new seal. Then, slide the T-shaped part into the track and slide it as far as possible, being careful to not pinch your fingers along the way. If your garage door has individual panels, repeat this process for every individual panel.

Garage door repair doesn't to be labor-intensive or expensive; in some cases, a homeowner can perform basic projects like within an afternoon. For large issues, or if you have any questions concerning the weather stripping, contact your local garage door company for assistance.