Four Reasons You Need Garage Door Repair

6 August 2020
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Garage doors are an essential part of your home, and when they are operating as designed, you probably don't ever think twice about it. That moment, however, when you cannot get it open when you arrive back home from running errands, or when you have loaded all of the kids into their car seats and go to open the door only to find it does not work, can become a nightmare. When it comes to garage door repair, having a general understanding about doors might be the best way to stay prepared at all times. Here are four parts of garage doors that might need to be repaired from time to time.


The most dangerous and often times the root cause for garage door issues is the spring mechanism. The spring on a garage door has a lot of force and can be very dangerous for you to repair on your own if you do not have the proper tools. To avoid injury, be sure to always contact a professional to help fix your spring when you are dealing with garage door repair. 

Tracks and Rollers

The tracks and rollers on your garage door are designed to raise and lower the door with ease. When debris builds up in the tracks, the rollers cannot properly slide as they are designed to do. Cleaning out the tracks and applying lubricant will keep your door gliding up and down without a hiccup. If your door is having problems opening or closing all of the way, check to make sure there isn't anything blocking the rollers in the tracks.

Off Track

Rarely, your door can get bumped off the tracks, which causes it to not open and close properly. This usually happens if it bumps into something on a shelf that is high up in your garage, and can be fixed by moving that item and placing the door back where it belongs. If you are unable to handle the weight of your garage door, don't be hesitant to contact the professionals.

Garage Door Opener

Another key reason people need garage door repair is because of a broken opener. The motor might have gone out in your garage door opener, or perhaps it is caused by something more simple such as a needed battery replacement in the control panel. When the problem resides in the opener, it is important to check the simple solution of a battery replacement first, before jumping to the conclusion that you need to replace the entire unit altogether.