The Advantages Of Residential Overhead Garage Doors Explain Their Prevalence

17 May 2021
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Most residences with garages have an overhead door for that structure. Unlike carriage models that swing outward, the most common design for this door is one that rolls up panel by panel. Although carriage doors add a sense of traditional elegance to a home, the distinct advantages of an overhead garage door explain why this choice is so prevalent.

No Extra Space Required

The main problem with doors that swing out is the requirement for enough space in the driveway. That's unsuitable for homes that routinely have vehicles parked in front of the garage. In contrast, an overhead door disappears as it rolls into the upper part of the rails.

Another consideration involves opening the door to an attached garage from inside that structure. The person always must make sure nothing is in front of the door that could be struck as it swings out.

Lower Cost

Cost is another factor. Carriage models are priced higher than overhead doors of the same size. They also cost more to install because of the extra labor required. Most of these systems must be opened and closed manually, which homeowners typically do not like dealing with. Electric operating systems are available for individuals willing to spend the additional money.

Security and Insulation

Overhead features generally are more secure against would-be burglars because they don't have an opening in the middle. They also tend to provide better insulation against weather elements, dust, and bugs for that reason.

A Large Flat Surface

Homeowners with kids might prefer a garage door that stands up well to the impact of various types of balls and toys. Many children and teens use the large flat surface for ball-playing games. Some families install a basketball hoop near the garage roof instead of placing a stand with a hoop near the driveway. Practicing tennis solo is acceptable as long as nobody strikes the ball very hard. Standard overhead products without decorative features or windows are most suitable for this purpose.

Design Considerations

Even though overhead doors are available in styles that create the illusion of carriage doors, most people do not choose them. They feel that the carriage style does not fit the exterior design. That's especially the case with contemporary styles constructed over the past 50 or 60 years. Carriage models look best with farmhouse designs and homes with a historically elegant appearance. Homeowners may feel that a standard overhead door looks best with a 20th-century ranch-style house, a Cape Cod design, or a standard two-story home.