5 Indicators You Should Replace Your Garage Door Soon

16 November 2021
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An efficient garage door offers safety to your loved ones and property inside your home. Besides that, it boosts your home's aesthetic appeal and value. Unfortunately, even the sturdiest residential garage doors suffer damages due to weather elements and age. At this point, you may need to install a new garage door to enjoy optimal performance. Here are five indicators you need to replace your garage door soon.

1. Constant breakdowns

Repeat breakdowns are annoying. Besides the inconvenience, you have to call in residential garage doors specialists for repairs. That means you have to pay costly repairs several times a year. When you calculate the expenses, you might realize that replacing the garage door may actually be more economical.

2. Strange noises

Typically, your garage door should make minimal noise when opening or closing. However, loud and persistent sounds point to underlying issues in your door. You may know that it's time to call a residential garage door supplier if yours presents the following strange noises:

  • Grinding
  • Creaking
  • Scraping

If you've lubricated certain components and the noise continues, then you likely need a garage door replacement. 

3. Sagging

Wooden garage doors are notorious for sagging. In most cases, rot, deterioration, and decomposition can cause massive sagging. You might notice this issue in the middle bracket due to pressure in this part of your garage. It's no secret that a sagging door looks unsightly. Plus, it can malfunction at any moment without warning. The ultimate solution is to contact a residential garage door supplier.

4. Old garage door

Essentially, quality garage doors can serve you for up to about 30 years. After that, you will have to deal with frequent breakdowns and repairs. Plus, damages such as rusty panels and warped doors can prevail. Your garage door won't be as efficient and effective due to wear and tear. In such a situation, the best solution is to talk to a residential garage doors supplier.

5. Faulty operation

If your garage door shuts overly fast, it could pose a danger to you and your loved ones. Also, if it opens slower than usual, there could be underlying problems. Essentially, the faulty operation could leave your residence vulnerable to day or night break-ins. Therefore, you need to act fast and get a new residential garage door.

Ultimately, you may consider getting a new residential garage door if you notice the above indicators. Remember to also work with an expert residential garage door supplier to get the ideal door for your home. For more information about residential garage doors, contact a local service.