The Benefits Of Choosing Fiberglass For Your Garage Door Replacement

22 August 2022
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Are you planning to replace your current garage door? If so, you may want to consider making the switch to a fiberglass garage door. This is because despite being one of the newest additions to the garage door market, fiberglass doors have proven themselves to be extremely beneficial. In this article, you can learn more about some of the benefits that these doors have to offer so that you can decide for yourself if a fiberglass door is right for your garage door replacement project.

Benefit #1: Wide Variety Of Colors And Finishes To Choose From

Fiberglass garage doors are available in a wide variety of different colors, textures, and finishes. The reason that this is so beneficial is that the many different options of fiberglass doors ensure that you are able to find a fiberglass garage door that perfectly matches your specific home. The different textures and finishes also allow you to enjoy the look of other building materials, such as wood, while still enjoying all of the benefits that fiberglass has to offer. 

Benefit #2: Offers Impressive Insulation Levels

Fiberglass has traditionally been used as an insulator in homes for many years. Consequently, it really should not come as much of a surprise that fiberglass doors offer superior insulation. This can be especially beneficial if you have an attached garage since extreme temperatures inside your garage can easily be transferred into your home. Fiberglass garage doors help to prevent these types of extreme temperatures. 

Benefit #3: Requires Very Little Maintenance

Many garage doors will require ongoing maintenance such as painting, staining, or being treated in order to prevent rust. Fiberglass garage doors do not require you to complete any of these tasks. Instead, the only real maintenance these doors will require is a simple wash from time to time to keep them looking great. 

Benefit #4: Resistant To Most Types Of Damage

Fiberglass doors are not susceptible to moisture damage, rusting, or pest infestation. These doors are also able to stand up to extreme temperatures without cracking or warping. It is this resistance to damage that makes fiberglass doors ideal for use in a wide variety of climates and locations. 

Benefit #5: Will Last For Many Years

Fiberglass garage doors offer a very impressive lifespan when compared to other types of residential garage doors. What this means for you is that you will not need to worry about taking on the cost of another garage door replacement for many years to come. 

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