Can't Get Into Your Garage? What To Look For In A New Garage Door Opener

28 February 2023
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If you need a new garage door opener, don't settle on a basic model. Choose a model that gives you the extras you want and need. If you're like most people, you want a garage door opener with quiet operation. This extra lets you avoid the loud noises that can come from some garage door openers. There are other extras to consider. Before you buy your next garage door opener, read the list provided here. Here are four extras you should consider including with your new garage door opener. 

Ensure Emergency Power

If you're going to invest in a new garage door opener, make sure you get an emergency power source. Not all garage door openers come with a backup battery, although you will need one during a power outage. Without a backup power source, you can't use your garage door during a power outage. You can open your garage door manually, but that can put a strain on your body. Garage doors can be quite heavy. You can avoid the problem by including a backup battery with your new garage door opener. 

Avoid Permanent Codes

If you need a new garage door opener, now's the time to think about safety. You might not realize it, but criminals can use your garage door code to hack into your opener. This is especially true if your garage door opener works with a permanent code. That's where rolling codes become beneficial. With rolling codes, your garage door remote uses a different code each time you open your garage door. Rolling codes make it harder for criminals to gain access to your garage door remote. 

Look for Connectivity

If you're looking for a new garage door opener, be sure to check for connectivity. Internet connection is especially beneficial when your home is connected to a smart home system. Connectivity lets you connect your garage door to a smartphone app. That way, you can monitor your garage door from wherever you are. This is beneficial when you forget to close the garage door before you leave. 

Add Keyless Entry

If you want to ensure easy access through your garage door, don't forget to add a keyless entry. If you have a remote control, you might not think you need a keyless entry for your garage door opener. That's not the case. Keyless entry lets you get back into the garage when you don't have the remote with you, or when the remote gets broken and you haven't ordered a new one yet. With a keyless entry pad, you can open your garage door using an alphanumeric code.